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How I Grew my Pinterest from 7k to 100k Monthly Viewers in 2 Months

When I first started my blog, I thought that Pinterest would be one of the hardest social media platforms for me to tackle. I knew so little about it, yet I’ve had an account since high school!

I thought Pinterest was just a fun place to share photography inspiration or tattoo ideas with my sister. Little did I know that Pinterest was this large search engine that over 150 million people use on a monthly basis!

But once I got my head around the fact that Pinterest was a search engine and not a social media channel, my gears started to turn. I wanted to know more and more and I wanted to learn the ins and outs of how to conquer Pinterest.

So that’s what I did. I started with some research on Pinterest SEO and what others did to grow their Pinterest account. From there, I went off running! Ready to take on whatever Pinterest threw my way.

And with this post, I’m going to share with you exactly how I grew my Pinterest account from an average of 7,000 monthly viewers to 100,000 monthly viewers in just 2 months.

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I want to lay all my cards on the table for you guys. So you can understand how an average girl like me can achieve 100k monthly Pinterest viewers and so can you! It doesn’t take someone with superpowers. It just takes someone who is willing to work for it.

Here is my Pinterest account at the end of 2016:

The Content Bug Pinterest account January - The Content Bug

My Pinterest account at the end of January:

Pinterest 1.31 - The Content Bug Update

My Pinterest account at the end of February:

The Content Bug Pinterest Account February

My Pinterest account at the end of March:

The Content Bug Pinterest account - April 2017

My Pinterest account at the end of April:

The Content Bug Pinterest Account - April

So in just 4 months, I increased my Pinterest following by 412%. I grew from 163 followers to 673 followers. How the heck?! My 2017 goal was to reach 1,000 Pinterest followers and I’m almost at the goal already!

And by May 5th, my Pinterest account had an average of 101.9k average monthly views! Insane, right?

Pinterest analytics March to May - The Content Bug

You may be wondering: “How does someone with only 600 some followers get so many monthly views?” Well, slow down a bit. I’m getting there.

There was no one simple trick that made me get to that stage in my Pinterest game. There were a lot of different elements that helped me to increase my reach on Pinterest. And I’m going to show you everything I did so that you can follow the same steps to improve your Pinterest game. So are you ready to get down and dirty with your Pinterest account?

Go grab yourself a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, log into Pinterest, and let’s get this party started.

Download the 4 Day Pinterest Challenge

“Your 4 Day Pinterest Challenge has seriously changed the game for me. I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t expecting much from it. I started Day One right before I went on a week-long work trip. By the time that I came back my impressions had at least doubled with no increase in daily number of pins. Less than 2 months later, here I am with 609.3k monthly viewers!”Jordan


I used to spend a lot of time surfing around on Instagram to see what successful accounts included in their bio. And then I would craft my bio to be a spin-off of what I found other people were doing.

Well, it is important to do the same thing on Pinterest! And lucky for you, I already did the research and am here to tell you what I’ve found.


Your name is your first impression. It is the first chance to tell people and Pinterest who you are and what you do. And after my research, I noticed that almost all successful Pinners have 1 thing in common: They include their first name followed by a vertical line, then they include their specialty.

So I changed my Pinterest name from “CATH” to “CATH | Online Content & SEO Tips”. Now from that name, can you tell why I made the change? It is so much more descriptive and allows me to reach my audience from the very beginning!

UPDATE: Pinterest now has a 30 character cap on the length of your profile name. 

By doing this, I now appear for the keywords “Online Content” and “SEO Tips”. And this is great because people can come to my profile and find various boards to help them with what they are looking for!

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Your bio is a great opportunity to not only tell people who you are and what you do but to also sell them on something. And it doesn’t have to be a product that you make money from. It could be to get them to sign up for a free e-course or join your email list. As long as you have a conversion in mind, this is a great spot to engage your audience!

Don’t waste this prime real estate talking about nothing. Take it from me… This was my bio in January.

The Content Bug Pinterest Account February

“Rochester, NY / Helping you create content you can be confident in.”

I mean, that’s not too bad…

Well, take a look at my Pinterest account bio right now:

The Content Bug Pinterest Account - May

“Rochester, NY / It’s time you understand online content, SEO, and social media to make a success online. // Start tackling your online presence NOW >> *link*”

This bio is a lot more descriptive, right? HECK YES!

It even includes a call to action that gets people fired up and ready to do something at this very second! And I don’t want to make a quick sale… I want to feed people helpful information so that they can tackle their online presence. And hopefully, they come back to my site for more information.


Make sure that your Pinterest account picture is a picture of yourself. Make it a close-up, not a whole body shot. This will make your page seem more personal and look there is an actual person behind your brand and not just a robot.

So remove that logo and add a picture of yourself right now! This will make all the difference in your first impression.


If you would have told me 4 months ago that you needed to SEO your Pinterest boards, I would have told you that you were crazy. But it’s not as crazy as I thought. And actually, it is extremely important to your Pinterest success.

By SEO-ing your Pinterest boards, you increase the chance of your boards, pins, and account to be found in search. AND when you include keywords in your profile name, your Pinterest board titles and in their descriptions, then Pinterest trusts that you are being honest and are an expert in that area. So don’t let Pinterest down! SEO your Pinterest boards today… seriously, it worked wonders for me.

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Before I started to take my Pinterest seriously, I had fun titles for my boards. My food/recipe board was named “Yum Yum” and my wedding ideas board was named “Someday”.

Do you think either of those names would help with my SEO? Nope!

After some research, I learned that your board names need to be descriptive and to the point. You want to take the name literally. And you want to include important keywords in the title.

So if you take a look at my Pinterest account, you will notice that all my titles are very simple. You know right from the beginning what to expect from the board, and there are no hidden surprises.

The Content Bug Pinterest boards


The descriptions of your Pinterest boards are extremely important to improving your Pinterest SEO!

When I was using Pinterest for fun, I didn’t add descriptions to my boards. And that was fine for the time. But once I wanted to take my Pinterest game seriously, I had to take some time to write descriptions.

These need to be specific and detailed. You want to include important keywords and the title of the board in the description. This will help you to rank in a Pinterest search!

Now, I know that wasn’t very descriptive on how to write the perfect Pinterest board description. So let’s take a look at my description of my Blogging for Beginners boards:

Blogging for Beginners Pinterest board - The Content Bug

In this description, I included the title of the board (kinda), what the board includes, and other important keywords such as “basics of blogging”, and “blogging beginner”.

You want your descriptions to be something like this. Include a question to gain interest and include the board’s title. And remember to include other keywords while you talk about what content you plan to share on the board. And once you combine all these together, you will have a perfectly SEO’d description!


After I fixed the titles and descriptions on my Pinterest boards that needed it, I took some time to focus on the pins on those boards. And you need to do the same!

Take a look at your Pinterest boards. How many pins are in each of them? Are there over 1,000 or less than 50 in each? All your boards need to have at least 50 pins in them. And each week you need to add new content to each of those boards to keep them active.

So it doesn’t matter if one of your boards has 587 pins and another has 34. You need to start by focusing on your smaller boards to build them up to hold more than 50 pins.

Once all your boards have over 50 pins in them, you need to review the quality of your pins. Are there any broken links or article pins that don’t lead anywhere? You need to be careful that every pin your share is high-quality. And if you are wondering what I believe to be a “high-quality” pin, then head to the next section.

pin workshop optin


This is critical to Pinterest success as Pinterest revolves around high-quality pins. So you need to continuously create and share high-quality pins that other pinners will enjoy.

Now, there are a lot of elements that determine if a pin is high-quality. It doesn’t stop after you write a blog post and then share it on Pinterest without any thought.

You need to consider the image, the title and the description that is attached to your article so that the pin is well-rounded and… high quality!

So let’s take a look at some areas that helped me to create high-quality pins for my Pinterest profile.

Rich Pins

If you want to be taken seriously on Pinterest, then you need to get approved for Rich Pins. Now you may my looking at your phone or computer thinking that I have 5 heads. But I swear, I just have one head that is screwed on semi-correctly.

Have you ever noticed that some pins have a bold title attached to them while others just have a description? The pins that have a bold title are called Rich Pins. And you can learn all about them and what you need to do to set up Rich Pins for your website with my blog post right HERE!

This is one thing that I did from the beginning because I knew how important it was for the success of my blog posts on Pinterest. So I highly recommend you go get approved for Rich Pins right now!

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Images on Pinterest are just as important as your images on Instagram. They are what attracts people to click and share your pin. And most of the time, without a quality image, I won’t share a pin, nonetheless read it!

I use Canva to create my Pinterest images. And since I started my blog about 4 months ago, I have changed the look of my pins 3 times. And I think I am finally at a point that I love my Pin design.

When you create images for your Pinterest account, you need to think of the template that you will use for each. You don’t want to create a different design each time! Create something that is a good representation of your brand and that you would be happy with months down the line.

Here are some important areas that you need to pay attention to.

  • Image size: If you use Canva, they have a template size called “Pinterest Graphic”. This is the recommended size for a Pinterest image. And if you don’t use Canva, then you need to create an image that is 735 pixels x 1102 pixels.
  • File size: You need to shrink the file size of your images before you upload them to your website and Pinterest. If the image is too large, Pinterest might not load the image resulting in a blank pin. You want to avoid this! So before you use an image for a pin, run it through a file shrinking software. I like to use JPEGmini by BEAMR for all my images.
  • Readability: Your audience needs to be able to read the pin easily. And the best way to ensure this is to use a simple, clean, crisp font. Avoid cursive, or anything too fancy! And if you are creating images to be used for blog posts or articles, then you need to use a font that is large enough to command the image! It should be easy to read without clicking on the pin and it should be the first thing the Pinterest user sees.

Here is an example of my Pinterest image from last week’s blog post…

Do you ever question yourself about blogging? Of course you do! We've all been there. And with this Blogging Basics for Beginners guide I'm covering all of your questions! Include the skills you need to blog, how to write your first blog post, how often to blog, how to promote your blog, & more! So let's get started so you can create a successful blog today!

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Title & Description

The last area of a pin that you need to pay attention to is the title and description. Now, when you have Rich Pins set up, Pinterest automatically pulls the title of the article or website page that you are linking to. So you need to make sure that you create the article/post with a great title to begin with. And to do this, I like to use the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

This tool reviews your title and tells you what areas you need to improve. So before you select the title you will use, I recommend using this tool!

All your titles need to include important keywords that you are trying to rank for. And you need to include these keywords in the content of the article. So choose your keywords and title carefully.

Now, when it comes to the description, you need to include those keywords as well. Complete a generic search on Pinterest about the topic of your article. And then take a look at the recommendations it gives you. Based on these recommendations, make a killer description.

Start with a question: “Do you want to start a blog?”

Then add on to it with the value you will provide in your article: “Then you need to know how to write your first blog post, how often to blog, how to promote your blog, and more!”

And then you want to end with a call to action: “Read this Blogging Basics for Beginners guide to learn the answers to all your questions today!”

Now you have a well-crafted description that includes multiple keywords to help your article rank well in search!


Nothing new here. Group boards are great if you want to improve your reach on Pinterest. But it is more than that.

If you are a beginner blogger, then you need to get your foot in the water with bigger bloggers! Don’t just join every group board that you come across. Be strategic. Check out the person that owns the group board.

How many followers do they have? Are they still active on Pinterest? If they have 30 followers, then you need to aim higher! And if they aren’t active on Pinterest, then you need to find someone that is.

The group boards that bring me the most success are the ones that have over 2k pins. And their owners have over 2k followers. This is great because you aren’t just reaching the 30 followers of the beginner blogger. You are reaching 2,000 followers of someone who has earned a great following.

I would recommend that you strive higher than those people with 2k followers though. Try to get on a group board of someone who has over 5k or 10k followers. This will work wonders for your Pinterest reach!

And don’t just stop at 1 group board. I am a part of 9 group boards and am actively looking to find higher quality boards to join.

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Download the 4 Day Pinterest Challenge


I’ve already talked about how Tailwind helped to increase my blog traffic by 191%, and now I’m going to talk about Tailwind again! I love this scheduling platform and it has helped to grow my blog and my Pinterest account in ways that I could not do on my own.

The one thing that really stepped up my Pinterest game was sharing more pins.

I’m just one person. I don’t have time to post 20 different times a day. And sometimes, I don’t even have time to pin once a day. But with Tailwind, I don’t have to worry about it!

I take about an hour a week to schedule over 250 pins to be shared throughout the week. By doing this, my Pinterest account is always active and it reaches more users than ever before.

When I first started to use Tailwind, I had a little over 1,000 pins on my Pinterest account. Now, I am well over 4K! In just a few months, I’ve shared 3,000 high-quality pins, that my audience gets to interact with on a regular basis.

I owe most of my success for growing my Pinterest account to Tailwind. It has worked wonders and takes care of all the hard work for me. So that I can sit back and work on other important areas of my website that need my time.

Do you want to grow your Pinterest account? I was in the same spot as you just 2 months ago! Now my Pinterest account gets over 100,000 monthly views! And you can do it too. I'm sharing all of my secrets on what I did in the last month to grow my Pinterest account FAST!


Now it’s your turn. You can take control of your Pinterest account today to reach over 100k monthly viewers in just a month or 2!

Some aspects of improving your Pinterest account, including your profile and your boards, don’t take that much time. But the long-term success comes from the continued sharing of high-quality pins.

So if you want to take Pinterest seriously, then I would highly recommend Tailwind. Using a scheduling tool is the best way to grow your reach in no time!

And the best part is that you can try Tailwind for free today. They provide all new users with 100 free pins for a trial phase. After that, it only costs $9.99 a month, which is an amazing price for the results that you will see!

And if you are still not convinced, head on over to my blog post on how Tailwind Helped to Increase my Blog Traffic by 191%. In this post, I cover the ins and outs of how I use Tailwind. Plus you get an inside look at the platform so that you know what you are getting into.


“I just wanted to say thanks for your advice. I was actually able to go from 36k to 243k in just six days. Now I have some regular organic traffic from it.”Adam

Okay, okay. I know you don’t want to hear about another paid course or online product.

But since you’ve gotten to this point in the blog post, I know that you are committed to growing your visibility online.

So what if I told you that you could get your hands on more action-packed strategies just like this blog post?

Strategies that would help to double your monthly page views, improve your email list to generate over 100 email subscribers a month, and completely master SEO so you don’t have to worry about constantly promoting your blog to receive traffic.

Including the latest changes to the Pinterest platform and what you need to do to increase your visibility even more!

I mean wouldn’t that be awesome!

I’m sharing the exact strategies that allowed me to skyrocket my blog’s growth in just 3 months and at the end of those 3 months… I was able to leave my full-time position and take my blog biz full-time. And I’m sharing EVERYTHING in my ebook, The Blog Hustler!

Find out what’s inside The Blog Hustler ebook.

The Blog Hustler Opt-in

I’ll see you in another blog post real soon.

XO, Cath

PS. Did you know what I could actually help you grow on Pinterest personally? Yeah, that’s right! I offer special Pinterest services to help you set-up, clean up, and evaluate what you’re doing right and wrong to make sure you’re doing everything you can to improve your visibility on Pinterest. Find out more information.

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