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06/21/23 post featured image

Everything I’ve Bought For My First Baby (so far)

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If you’re anything like me, when you found out you were pregnant one of the first things you did was research the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy.

Then shortly after comes the research of car seats and other baby products you would need. What’s the safest crib mattress? What the heck are these diapers made of?! Is the expensive baby monitor really worth it?

Some of my favorite content to consume right now are YouTube videos and Instagram reels of moms sharing their must-have baby products and even what products they never used for their little one.

I want to know what I shouldn’t waste my money on and what is really worth the hype.

So here’s a list of the things we’ve purchased so far for this little guy arriving in a few short months.

There’s still more we need, and even a few more wants, but since we aren’t doing a baby shower, these products have been purchased over the last 4 months to help spread out the spending.


When I designed my nursery, I did simply that… designed it!

It’s currently not set up for true function when this little one arrives.

The dresser still needs to be stocked with all his necessities. There’s no diaper pail, the baby monitor isn’t set up, we want a sound machine, and the list goes on.

So the list below will obviously grow, but here are a few of the things I considered more expensive necessities that I wanted to buy early.


Crib Mattress

Crib Sheets


Nanit Pro Monitor

I already had the mirror, light, and dresser that live in the nursery so those were not on my purchase list.

Dirty Diapers

We haven’t purchased any diapers but we do have a ridiculous amount of wipes haha. Soooo that’s something!

There are definitely still things we need in this category, for example, we want a diaper pail and diaper bag. And we don’t have any rash cream or anything of that nature. But one step at a time!

Changing Basket

Changing Pad

Bum Brush

Water Wipes

Bathing & Other Hygiene Care

Bath time is something I’m really going into with the mindset of “less is more”. I almost want to see what I want/need when he gets here when it comes to this category and buy stuff then.

So here are the few things we have that I knew we would most definitely use.

Baby Bath Seat

Ducky Water Thermometer

Nail File

No-Touch Forehead Thermometer


A lot of the clothing I have purchased for baby boy has come from the clearance section at Target! Or when they have 20% off or more on baby clothes.

Personally, I didn’t want to buy baby clothes from Amazon like I’ve seen a lot of other creators do, mainly because I wanted to feel the fabric before buying it.

There are a few resale baby stores in the area that I also want to visit to stock up on baby clothes in all sizes up to 12 months.

One of the BEST tips I can give you is to have a note on your phone of what you’ve bought in what sizes. And don’t overdo it on newborn sizes. I purchased only 3 sleepers that are newborn and the rest are 3 months and up.

If he ends up fitting into newborn sizes and needs more of those onesies, we can always buy more! But I didn’t want to buy too many things that he might never wear or even only wears once.

Kids Hangers

Size Organizers for Closet

Double Zipper Footsie Onesies

Sleep Sack TOG 1

I also have my eye on swaddles I want to get, but haven’t purchased any yet.


I’m going into the feeding journey very open to whatever is going to happen. I’d love to breastfeed but I don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on myself and be let down if that’s not the journey that’s meant for us.

That being said, I do want to get a breast pump just so I’m prepared if that’s an option for us. AND I want to do research on formula in case that’s the route we go, but again, haven’t purchased anything that way.

So here’s what I have so far when it comes to the feeding category.

5oz Wide Neck Baby Bottle Set

8oz Baby Bottle Set

Burp Clothes

Breast Feeding Pillow

Silverette Nipple Cups


I wasn’t sure where to put these things so here’s a random list of what else we have ready for little man!

Car Seat & Stroller

SnuggleMe Organic Lounger

Wild Bird Aerial Carrier

Linen Sling Carrier

There’s also a stash of postpartum care products for me in his closet ready for that time. But I can share those in another blog post if you’re curious.

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