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05/23/23 post featured image

Nursery Makeover

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When I found out I was pregnant, it took a while for the news to set in.

Meaning it took months for me to wrap my head around the fact that I was in fact… PREGNANT!

A big reason for this is that I didn’t have a ton of symptoms.

There were a few days when I was knocked on my ass, unable to do anything because the exhaustion was real. And other days when I didn’t want to move from the couch because I felt nauseous and the thought of doing anything made it worse.

But that wasn’t the majority of my first trimester.

For the most part… I felt normal! Like I wasn’t pregnant at all.

So at about 9 weeks in, I decided to start buying baby items to make it feel real to me. And soon thereafter, I started designing the nursery!

I’ve heard a lot of people online share that they didn’t even start their nursery until they were 5+ months pregnant. But that was never going to be me.

I’m a planner. A preparer. And having the nursery to work on while I still felt great in my first two trimesters seemed like the best option for me!

It also helps that I love interior design and making this house into something amazing. So I was ready to transform this forgotten bedroom!

The Before

Since moving into this house, this room was kinda left to root.

I removed the popcorn ceilings, changed the light fixture, painted the trim and doors, and had new carpet installed, but otherwise left it with the original green walls and furniture from my last house.

To say the least, it needed a makeover!

The Process

If you want a behind-the-scenes look at what happened during this transformation, from my initial wallpaper plans to Pinterest inspiration, watch this video.

The After!!

I’ve never been more in love with this space!

It’s so cozy and such a statement. Nothing like I originally planned when I started pinning images on Pinterest but instead 1000 times better!

If you’re interested in anything included in the nursery, I linked to everything here! But I’m also including a full breakdown below.

Oh, and the wall color is Sherwin Williams “Shade Grown”.


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