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05/30/23 post featured image

Pregnancy Favorites I’m Loving So Far

*This post contains affiliate links*

From the moment I became pregnant, simple things in my life changed.

For example, I used to sleep in pajama sets from Target which I loved! I have probably 7 of the exact same kind just in different colors and prints.

Well, at about 6 weeks pregnant, my boobs were so sore that I couldn’t sleep braless in those pajama sets anymore. I would go to move in the middle of the night and be woken up in such pain from my chest not being supported.

Immediately, I ran to Amazon to find the best sleeping bras or even affordable nursing bras that I could sleep in starting now.

I also NEVER used to apply lotion after showering… or ever.

For some reason lotion makes my skin feel weird in my clothes. So I would either have to sit naked for a while and let it fully soak in, or I wouldn’t apply lotion at all. Sadly, the second option won for the last 28 years of my life.

That also changed once I became pregnant.

So today, I want to share some of the things I’m loving my first pregnancy!! And you don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy all of these things. It’s not like they are all pregnancy-specific products.

Simply things that are necessities in my life as I’m now 6 months pregnant!

Sleeping Bras

Let’s start with the bra topic I already brought up!

I was honestly so surprised by how sore my chest was during my first trimester. I was also surprised by how much my boobs grew! But that’s not the topic of this blog post.

So like I said, I needed a solution for sleeping since I couldn’t sleep without a bra anymore.

I also don’t fit into my standard bras anymore and a wire is extremely uncomfortable so these have become my day and night bras! They aren’t super supportive soooo sometimes I just tough it out with my other bras for a night.

I know one day I’ll need to cave and at least buy one good bra in my new size but these babies are just gonna continue to grow! And I don’t want to do that quite yet.

Kaceey Bra from Amazon

When trying to find a bra to sleep in, I ended up purchasing 6 different options from Amazon.

Yes, 6.

And I’m glad I did because 5 of them really weren’t good at all! I even read several reviews and referred to blog posts titled “The Best Sleeping Bras” but they most definitely were not the best!

These are the best!

They have removable pads which I took out immediately cause you definitely don’t need those while sleeping.

But these are soooooo comfy.

The strap is thick so it doesn’t dig into your shoulders. If you’re a DD+ like me, that’s a necessity with the weight of your chest. I don’t need to tell you that.

The material is incredibly soft. And I now have this bra in 3 different colors. I’m obsessed.

Size reference: I was a 36 DD before getting pregnant and I have no idea what I am now, but I know it’s most definitely bigger now. I wear an XL.

Seamless Bra from Everlane

This bra has been one of my favorite lounge bras even before I became pregnant.

It’s very soft, the straps are thick enough, and it’s flattering if you want to walk around the house without a shirt on.

The only difference now that I am pregnant is that I purchased it in a size up! I ended up buying 2 more in my new size.

Size reference: I was a 36 DD before getting pregnant and I have no idea what I am now, but I know it’s most definitely bigger now. I wear an XL.

Target Maternity Unitard

This is so Instagram pregnancy fashion lol.

But seriously, a nice bodysuit seemed like a great option for lounging around the house, growing into, and didn’t have to be a maternity piece.

Well after purchasing 3, I can confidently say that the one I love the most is in fact, maternity!

The straps are thick, the legs are plenty long to be comfortable in public or around the house. The material is buttery soft, and stretchy.

It’s perfection. I wish I could buy the black colorway online or even find it in stores! But for right now, the green one works great!

Size reference: I’m typically a Large in most things, 5’9″ with a 36 DD chest prior to getting pregnant. I purchased a Small and there’s still plenty of room for me to grow!


It could be the fact that the majority of my house is hardwood, or that I needed some kind of support under my feet, but I can’t walk around my house without slippers on now that I’m pregnant!

These things never leave my feet.

I’ve had them for a few years now and the cushion has held up which is great. It is definitely thicker when they first arrive but after a week or so, they are perfectly contoured to your foot and just soooo comfortable!

Size Reference: I wear a size 11 shoe and purchased an XL.

Bebé Balm

I was 14 weeks pregnant when Desi Perkins announced this product was coming to her Dezi Skin brand.

When I tell you I immediately set an alarm on my phone for the launch and completed my purchase one minute before the time launch was supposed to happen… yeah, I was that pumped!!

As I said, I wasn’t a lotion girl by any means before getting pregnant. But now that my skin is stretching, it’s not necessarily itchy, but it definitely feels a bit more dry. Plus, I wanted to do what I could to nourish my skin from the outside to hopefully help with stretch marks.

I understand, stretch marks are mostly genetic, and I have my fair share on my hips, thighs, and chest already. At this stage in the game, I don’t mind stretch marks at all.

However, if I can limit going through the phase of super deep stretch marks that appear blue (yes, I had those on my chest growing up from my boobs deciding they wanted to be massive at a young age), I’m going to do that!

Enter, this body butter!

I use it every time I get out of the shower on my belly, chest, and hips. It doesn’t make your skin feel oily and it doesn’t absorb too quickly making you feel like you have to use tons of product.

Actually a little goes a long way if you rub your hands together before applying it.

The smell is very subtle and actually kinda nice! Not sure how to describe it exactly, but it’s not overly powerful thanks to the fact that it’s fragrance-free.

I really do look forward to putting this product on. And it’s turned me into a moisturizer girl. Look at me go!

Oversized Crewnecks

If you know me, you know my love for oversized crewnecks runs deep. Far beyond being pregnant!

But definitely, during pregnancy, I’ve been super grateful that I have a STASH of crewnecks a few sizes too big for me.

My favorite one though, that I even got complimented on when I wore it to my OBGYN appointment lol, is my “just a little emotional” crewneck.

Funny enough, it’s from a subscriber’s Etsy shop.

So support a small business and get yourself this crewneck!

Size Reference: I should wear a Medium crewneck but most of the time I wear Large. However, I purchased an XXL cause I wanted it super big.

My Water Bottle

LISTEN!! Everyone has hyped up the Stanley water bottle so much but if you’ve ever seen someone do a direct comparison of the Stanley with a Simple Modern water bottle, Simple Modern wins every time.

I’ve had one of these for a few years now and just purchased the larger size.

It’s my go-to. You won’t catch me without it!

So drink up ladies!

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