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04/07/23 post featured image

6 Incredibly Random Things I’ve Bought Recently

*This post contains affiliate links*

1. New nightstands for my bedroom

I have been looking for nightstands since last year for this space.

So let me explain why it’s taken me so long to make this purchase!!

The plan for this room is for it to turn into a guest bedroom in the future when my amazing master looking over the lake it built. HOWEVER, that’s going to take a minute to be complete so, for now, it’s my bedroom.

With that end goal in mind, I decided to buy a new bed frame for the space that will stay. In my head, I thought it would be easier to simply build a bed and leave it in there instead of building my bed and having to tear it down and then rebuild it in the new space.

Realllllly, I didn’t need to go about it this way. It wouldn’t have been that much work.

But because of this, the furniture in the space just does. not. go!! And since I spend the most time in that bedroom, yeah, it’s been bothering me.

The nightstands I’m currently using are the ones I purchased to use with my old bedframe and they don’t match this bedframe.

They are too small for the space. This room is far wider than my last house and these appear very tiny.

They give the same “light” and airy vibe that the bedframe does making it feel like there is nothing of substance to balance it out.

And they consist of thing metal lines with a glass top adding too many metal lines in the space.

I need something of weight, something wider, something cute, to make the bed wall feel complete!

Soooo the search started I’m not even sure when and I found the perfect nightstands. The only problem is they were $700. That’s farrrr more than I spent on the bed! And more than I’ve ever spent on a nightstand. Usually, I like the $100-$250 price range. I’m fine with that. $700… I’m not fine with!

A few weeks ago, I decided to resume my search because I’ve become increasingly more annoyed with my nightstands. Mainly because I’ve got the bedding down to perfection and the nightstands are the only things that seem extremely off.

I narrowed it down to 3 options that I liked, photoshopped them into the space, and wouldn’t you know it… I couldn’t get my heart off the $700 nightstands. So I bought them and called it a birthday gift to myself!

Definitely a splurge but I know it will be worth it! They should arrive in a few weeks.

Link for the nightstands.

2. Rugs for the half bathroom

Since I purchased this house, I knew I wanted to replace the tile in the hallway bathroom.

It didn’t match the vibe that I was going for with the house! Depending on the time of day and lighting in the space, the tile appeared navy with some warmer grey tones in it. And navy? I mean, when have you guys seen any navy in my house lol.

So yeah… the tile had to go! But taking that tile out and putting in new tile would either be a lot of work for me to take on or would cost a good bit to have someone else do it.

One day it hit me, peel and stick tile!! I’ve used this in the last two houses I owned and it held up well. So why not use it again in this house?!

It made for less than a $100 floor transformation!

But with new floors, comes the need for new rugs. So I purchased two new ones for the space!

The one for the sink area was probably the hardest to find for two reasons.

One – the size of the space is actually pretty wide and a standard-size bath rug would look way too small in the space. And two – I wanted something black and white but the white needed to be pure white. It couldn’t pull any warm tones otherwise it wouldn’t have worked with the floor.

After a few hours of searching (I wish I was kidding), I found 2 options I wanted to try. One of which made the cut for the space!!

Get the “Get Naked” rug!

The rug for the toilet and shower area was an easy one. I knew I wanted a plain black, 2-foot wide, circle mat.

Not too hard to find at all!

Get the simple black bathroom rug.

3. Blinds for the windows

Okay, okay, okay.

This was another big purchase. Pretty comparable to the price of the nightstands but necessary nonetheless.

In the back bedrooms, I’ve been using curtains for privacy. The only problem is that the curtains I have are sheer. So they kinda just make things blurred but don’t provide total privacy in the space.

To me, that’s not a big deal. The houses in my neighborhood are spaced out enough that no one is looking directly in my windows. Plus I can change in the bathroom, the hallway, or even in my bedroom during the day and you can’t see a thing. It’s more so at night that it’s a problem.

The plan has always been to get blinds for the bedrooms I was just putting it off because I need new windows. And when the windows get replaced, there can’t be anything on them! Including blinds.

I figured, what’s the point of putting blinds on my windows just to take them down and put them up again? It’s the same problem as the bedframe situation lol.

Wellllllll, my beautiful girls have pretty good ears and in the middle of the night, they perk up immediately to deer walking in the yard. Fancy girl will even jump off the bed to watch them out the window and bark. Which alarms Poppy, who isn’t much of a barker, but she’s a jumper. So she will jump at my windows when Fancy barks.

It’s this whole thing.

And at 2 in the morning, that’s the last thing you want to wake up to.

So I decided it was time to get blinds for not only the added privacy but also, to stop the girls from seeing outside and barking at deer/jumping at my window in the middle of the night.

Don’t worry, this will stop them from that behavior! Fancy only barks when she can see something. So even if she can hear them, if she can’t see them, she won’t bark.

And if she doesn’t bark, then Poppy won’t jump.

It’s really a snowball effect.

The website I buy my blinds! I used this brand in my last house too.

4. Carpet deodorizer

This is incredibly random and doesn’t need much explanation.

Simply put, Poppy has peed a few times in one of the bedrooms. It’s the only spot in the house where she will pee.

But I mean… look at that sweet face! How can you not forgive her?!

Sadly, there have been times when it wasn’t caught right away. AKA it wasn’t cleaned up immediately so it soaked into the carpet leaving a nasty smell.

Not fun!

I turned to Amazon, read a ton of reviews, and ended up with this product! I’ve used it once and it worked wonders. That room smells so much better!

Get the deodorizer!

5. Thick king-sized pillows

One of my goals is to start finishing rooms that I’ve started.

So remember the hallway bathroom that I gave a small revamp to in August and then kinda left halfway complete? Yeah… the same thing goes for the bedrooms!

I never finished the wallpapered bedroom. But that’s kind because I’m debating if I need to take the wallpaper down and start over or what. It looks so silly now that it has shrunk!!

The master, really there isn’t too much work to be done in there, however, I want to put the finishing touches on it so that space feels complete!

One being the nightstands. And two being thick king-sized pillows to fill out the shams and give it more of a luxe look.

It’s really a tiny thing but the pillows I had in the shams before were way too thin and it didn’t look right. So I ran to Target one day to purchase the cheapest, yet thickest pillows they had. And they are perfect!!

Get the same pillows!

6. 8 Rules of Love book

This might be the next book I read this year.

I actually saw an excerpt from this book shared on someone’s Instagram story and found it interesting. I’ve seen some stuff from Jay Shetty, but honestly, I don’t follow him online and really don’t know all that much.

Nonetheless, it looked like it could be a good read! So I purchased it.

Get the book!

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