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04/24/23 post featured image

Where To Eat While Visiting 30A

Since moving to Alabama, 30A has quickly become one of my favorite places to vacation.

If you’ve never heard of 30A before, or maybe you’ve only heard about it from my trips there, you’re not alone! I had no idea 30A was a thing…

When I first started seeing it on local creators’ Instagram accounts, I tried to Google Maps “30A” and nothing popped up.

Little did I know, 30A isn’t actually the name of the town! It’s the main street that spans a few beach towns in the panhandle of Florida.

If you want to look it up, look up Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, or Seaside, Florida. That’s the area I’m talking about.

For the past 2 years, I’ve taken a road trip down with my bestie girl, Kameron, as the perfect getaway.

Truthfully, I’m not much of a beach girl. That’s mainly because I grew up going to the lake and the closest beaches to me were Ocean City and those super-overpopulated beaches. I would go to Virginia Beach with my aunt and uncle which they LOVED… but honestly, it’s swamped.

Put me on a huge lake where we have our own waterfront and you’re lucky if you see 5 other boats in a day. That’s my dream waterfront vacation.

But 30A… that beach has my heart.

The water is soooooo clear and a beautiful blue. The sand is perfectly white. If you know the right spots to stay, you won’t be swamped with a crowd. And the food… Kameron and I loveeee the food.

Helpful tip… try to find an Airbnb or VRBO between Alys Beach and Seaside. You don’t want to be directly on Alys Beach or Rosemary Beach. That’s where everybody stays! Aka the beach is a zoo.

So if you’re planning a trip, let me break down, one of the most important aspects of your visit… THE FOOD!!


Raw & Juicy

Right in Alys Beach, this spot is aesthetic. GREAT for photos if you’re wanting to do a photoshoot. But all of Alys Beach is that way.

The juice is pricey and not made per order but, nonetheless, it’s good.

The main reason you need to go here is the food. The Avocado Toast is soooo delicious! I added a scrambled egg on top and it was perfection.

One cool thing to note about this place is that it’s entirely soy free! The menu is marked with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and nut-free labels. So a great option if you have food allergies!!


This is probably my favorite breakfast spot. Kameron and I have never been disappointed with anything there! Seriously, no complaints.

For starters, if there is a wait, they have a window that cuts through to the bar so you can order a mimosa, bloody mary, or whatever you feel like without having to step foot in the restaurant. That way the drinks are flowing before you’re even seated.

For food, I’ve had gluten-free pancakes which were great! (This is another great allergy-friendly spot)

The Croisseignets were a HUGE hit for Kameron and me this year. And so was the Sriracha Breakfast Sandwich.

Scratch Biscuit Kitchen

I’ve only been to this place once but the food was AMAZING!! It’s a smaller spot in terms of restaurants.

If you’re expecting a sit-down restaurant with a server taking your order, this isn’t it. You order at the front and get a pager to pick up your food when it’s ready.

I ordered Nola’s Finest with a side of bacon and a hash brown casserole. Warning: The hash brown casserole is basically just a hashbrown patty. Nothing fancy to it, but still delicious!

Playa Bowls

I thought about this place for a whole year in between my trips and couldn’t WAIT to go back!

If you’re looking for something light or if you’re in the mood for a smoothie bowl, this is your spot. Why?! Wellllll they have something called Banana Bowls which is banana, honey, and almond milk blended together as a base.

Acai and green bowls are pretty normal to get just about anywhere. But, in Birmingham at least, I can’t find a smoothie bowl place with a banana base! So this place is it!!

I personally like the Nica bowl without the cocoa nibs. Delicious!



This is a go-to lunch spot for Kameron and me!

I can’t turn down a good margarita, guac, and taco combo!!

One thing I will say, the tacos are pricey. At least for my taste. BUT they are good and that doesn’t turn me away from getting two every time.

The menu did change a bit between my visits so I’m not sure if it will change again by the time you’re reading this.

Nonetheless, I’ve had the Pollo, Camarones, and Pescado tacos. All soooooo good!

La Creme Tapas & Chocolate

This isn’t my favorite spot on this list. But at the same time, I’ve been twice and felt the need to mention it.

If you’re looking for a light lunch or just some nicer bites while drinking some wine, this is your spot!

The Brussels Sprouts were soooo good. And so were the Crab Cakes and Ceviche.

Lola Coastal Italian

Lola’s really surprised me! I wanted to eat here because the reviews were good but I was expecting more of a sit-down Italian spot.

Instead, it’s a pretty casual place!

You order at the front, they give you a number, and as the food is ready, they bring it out to you! The number stays on your table until you leave so you can keep going up and ordering more.

The garlic bread was oh my goodness delicious!! Almost wanted to order seconds but then my pasta arrived and it was a large plate! They don’t skimp on portions!

The Citizen

If you’re looking for something a little bit nicer, the next 3 options are for you!

The Citizen is fabulous! The vibes in the restaurant are great. But again… it’s located in Alys Beach so not surprising.

They are allergen friendly with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free markings.

Dessert was soooo good the first time Kameron and I went, that we ended up back there another night for a nightcap that consisted of dessert and wine.

This past year, the dessert wasn’t as stand-up as the year previous. But I mainly think that’s because of the options they had when we were there.

The menu does change every 4 months so it’s always fresh and new!

One downside is that this restaurant is a bit more popular and doesn’t take dinner reservations. They do take lunch reservations though!


This replaced The Citizen for us this year in terms of our favorite restaurant! It’s more upscale, not allowing anyone under 18 to dine for dinner, but mannnn, it is good!

We sat in the bar area and the decor is amazing. I loved everything about this place! They thought of all the little details most restaurants ignore. Like a hook for your purse under EVERY TABLE! Not just at the bar.

Even the toilet paper in the bathroom comes out of the side of the dispenser instead of the bottom.

Seriously amazing little details that stand out! I was talking about them all night.

The food, the service, everything was top-notch. I can’t wait to go back!!

George’s At Alys Beach

This place is owned by the same people that run LaCo and La Crema. They actually own a lot of restaurants in the area!

I’ve only been here once for dinner, but the food was good! I would definitely go back!

I ended up getting one of the specials so sadly I don’t have a specific menu item to recommend. But check out the menu and see if there’s something you would like.

Another allergen-friendly spot! Markings for vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Coffee Shops

Fonville Press Market + Cafe

If you want a cute Instagram photo with your coffee or even a bathroom selfie, this is your spot!! It’s soooo dang cute on the inside and outside, the photo opportunities are perfect.

And the coffee was good too!

Take my word for it, you need to check out their bathrooms, if you go!


Not as aesthetic, but the coffee was sooooo good. We went two times in three days cause it was delicious!

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