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Why It’s Important To Set Personal Development Goals

It can be easy to set blog related goals.

You want so many followers on Instagram, so many pageviews on your blog each month, and a certain amount of income flowing your way.

But do you set personal development goals each year?

If you’re trying to seperate your blog from your personal life, you might be in for a rude awakening.

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I believe that your personal life and your work life dramatically affect each other.

Because I’ve seen it first hand!

If things aren’t going well in my personal life, my business typically isn’t doing well either.

If I work out in the morning I’m more focused and productive. Compared to when I start the morning on social media, I’m more likely to spend most of the workday on Instagram.

These 2 things are so intertwined.

And it’s important to realize that your blog’s success has a lot to do with YOU!


Here are some ideas on personal development goals you can set in 2019:

  • Complain less
  • See the positive side of things always
  • Don’t take life so seriously
  • Find new ways to have fun
  • Don’t allow your phone near you when you’re working
  • Stop using weak words
  • Exercise daily
  • Eat healthier when possible
  • Time yourself while you work
  • Listen to more music
  • Notice the little details
  • Try something new every month
  • Talk kinder to yourself
  • Give yourself and others more grace
  • Save more time for self-care
  • Read more books

You get the picture.

If you need more inspiration on what personal intentions to set for yourself this year, take a look at my 2018 intentions or my 2019 intentions.


I received the same message almost every month asking me how I did it.

How in just 1 year, I went from a beginner blogger and full-time employee at a digital marketing company to a part-time freelancer and full-time blogger – working for myself.

That’s right.

Just 1 year after starting my blog I was able to leave my full-time position to work for myself.


Well, I worked my butt off, of course!

I set realistic goals for myself. Created a plan to achieve them. Worked every day to improve my blog.

Read a lot of self help books. Bought an online course.

And crushed my goals in less than 1 year.

But if you really want more information, then you need to check out my Blog Hustler ebook.

In this book, you’ll find all of the strategies and secrets I used to grow my blog dramatically in just 90 days.

So if you’re looking for some real growth. And some real, no BS strategies to do it… then you need to get your hands on The Blog Hustler!

Find out more information by clicking the image below.

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