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02/20/19 post featured image

What To Do When You’re Lacking Creativity

We all have those days when we aren’t feeling very creative.

And when our job requires us to create content online, it can seem impossible to do anything!

To me, creativity and motivation go hand in hand.

If you aren’t feeling creative, then you probably aren’t motivated.

So what do you do?

How can you put yourself back in the mood to create amazing things?!

Well, I’ve got some tips for ya.


As bloggers, YouTubers, and online influencers, it’s important that we keep those creative juices flowing so we can create content that will make waves and grow our brands.

But like most things, it can come down to the simple inner dialogue that goes on in our head.

I don’t feel creative.

I’m not inspired.

I don’t know what to create.

Well, I can’t create when I’m not feeling creative! So I guess I’ll just sit today out and call it a loss.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

All of these things are just excuses keeping you stuck! They are preventing you from the life you say you want to reach. The life you’ve been dreaming about.

So if you really want to break through that creative rut, you have to change the conversation in your head. And get tough with yourself.

Be your own boss. And don’t take no for an answer.

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Cathrin (Cath) creates content that encourages bloggers & online entrepreneurs to be themselves, chase their passion, and create their success online. 1 year after started her blog (, Cath left her full-time position working in the digital marketing industry to pursue her dreams of being her own boss. In weekly blog posts, sporadic YouTube videos, and constant talking on Instagram stories, Cath hopes to spread her story and be an inspiration to others who desperately want to change their lives.

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