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Tracking Everything I Did For A Whole Day

Have you ever wondered where you’re wasting time or just how much you’re able to accomplish in a day?

To be honest, I used to love doing this when I was in high school.

I would mark in the calendar on my phone, what I did for every hour of the day.

My sister thought I was crazy.

But now I’m starting to think that I was on to something!

So the other day I decided to track everything that I did in a whole day.

That meant whenever I switched tasks, I had to write down the time and what I was doing.

Now I want to share what I did.

Let’s get into it!


Okay okay.

Now I didn’t go full-on crazy.

And I didn’t track whenever I went to the bathroom.

But I did remember to mark whenever I left my office to do something or whenever I got food.

The tracking part was honestly easy.

I knew that I wanted to do this for a couple of weeks just to see how productive I was being with my time.

So on this particular day, I woke up knowing that I was tracking everything.

I grabbed my phone as soon as I went downstairs for the day and my tracking began.

I just used the notes feature on my phone.

Simple enough, right?


I try to wake up every morning around 6:30.

But sometimes, especially in the fall and winter, I tend to sleep in a little later and get up around 7.

On this particular day, I didn’t roll out of bed until 7:15.

And the first thing I had to do was take care of Fancy (my dog… duh).

The morning

7:30 – Feed Fancy

7:40 – Make Alex & I a smoothie

7:45 – Check my emails

7:50 – Brush teeth, put in contacts, change into workout clothes

8:10 – Drive to the gym

8:25 – Workout (legs & booty day!)

9:10 – Drive home

9:30 – Instagram story (upload the story I recorded the day before)

9:40 – Breakfast time!

10:10 – Get ready for the day. Shower, get dressed, hair & make-up

10:30 – Official start to the workday! First up, respond to YouTube comments

10:45 – Edit IGTV

11:50 – Export IGTV & promo blog post on Instagram stories

weekly checklist

The afternoon

12:00 – Share blog post on Pinterest & schedule it through Tailwind

12:15 – Switch laundry & empty dishwasher

12:40 – Practice Upstate Social Sessions presentation

1:30 – Promo Upstate Social on Instagram stories

1:45 – Lunch break! (& switch laundry again)

2:20 – Edit a YouTube video

3:15 – Take an Instagram photo for tomorrow’s IGTV

3:45 – Edit Instagram photo

4:20 – Waste some time on Instagram stories & learn more about my enneagram lol (ps. I’m a 2!)

5:00 – Back to editing the YouTube video

6:00 – End of the workday! Go to Home Depot with Alex

6:25 – Facetime with my mom (for an hour…)

7:30 – Make dinner!

8:00 – Relax for the night & head to bed around 9:30 pm


I always say on Instagram that I don’t work crazy hours and that I just try to be crazy productive with my time instead.

And I’m hoping that this break down proves it!

There was only 1 point during my workday that I took a break to scroll through Instagram.

And I was honest with my tracking and admitted that I wasted 40 minutes of my time!

But on this day, I was able to:

  • Edit an IGTV
  • Shoot & edit an Instagram photo
  • Promo a new blog post on all platforms
  • Edit a YouTube video
  • Respond to all comments, DMs and emails

Now that may not seem like a lot!

But if you create video content, then you know just how long that can take!

Plus, the majority of my work is creating content for you guys.

So this day was filled with all types of content creation. And I consider that a successful day!

weekly checklist


Now if I’m being honest, I think tracking my time helped me to be more productive.

There are some days where I’ll scroll through Instagram every other hour.

But on this day, I knew that I had to track everything that I did.

And I didn’t want to have to keep writing down that I was scrolling through Instagram.

So I stayed focused!

I think in the future, I want to find a planner that allows me to better block off my time and track what I do within each hour to make sure that I’m as productive as possible.

And if you’re the type of person that just doesn’t understand where the day goes.

Or maybe you don’t feel like you have enough time in the day to do what you need to do, TRACK YOUR TIME!

You might be surprised where you’re wasting time and where you can become a bit more strict with yourself.


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