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02/23/23 post featured image

Welcome Back To The Blog!!

Wellllll this is pretty crazy.


About 3 years ago, I decided to totally abandon my blog. Honestly, it was a pretty easy decision and I really don’t regret it one bit.

My YouTube channel was growing like crazy, the pandemic hit, I was gearing up to move from New York to Alabama, and little did I know, my whole world was gonna be flipped upside down by my ex admitting he cheated on me… multiple times. FUN!

PLUS the blog was still under my old brand name, TheContentBug, and was just incredibly old.

When I decided to create a blog back in 2016, I didn’t have any money to invest in having a website professionally designed. Heck, it felt like I was balling out paying $100 or whatever it was to get my domain and hosting to start working on it! So I decided to DIY it. Andddd it was pretty obvious.

At least to me.

The images didn’t crop right when you visited at the website on a mobile device. Because of some terrible custom coding, I crashed my site a few times and when it was up and running, it was SOOOO slow! (Don’t mess with code unless you know what you’re doing, people.) And then there was of course some virus or something going on that stopped allowing me to make any changes to the website.

So yeah…

In March of 2020, I left TheContentBug to die in its tiny little corner of the internet.

And today, almost 3 full years later… CATHRIN MANNING IS BORN!!

Okay, well… I was actually born almost 29 years ago at this point. But my new website, under my new domain, is born and I could not be more excited!!

This space is going to look a little bit different than it did when it was TheContentBug. For one, it’s far more professionally built. Like I actually paid two different teams, a website designer and a website developer, to help me create this bad guy. And to be totally honest, if you were to ask me if I knew what I was doing when it comes to making changes to the site, yeah… I don’t.

I’m learning! And I can do a few things like create this amazing blog post that is keeping you entertained for probably only another minute. Buttttt here’s still I don’t know. So stick with me as I might mess things up a time or two and have to call my developer to fix my mistakes lol.

That being said…

All of my old blog posts have found their new home on this website!! So if you’re someone who liked to go back to my old blog posts and laugh at the information I thought I was knowledgable enough on to share with the whole internet… that source of Friday night entertainment is still there for you.

DISCLAIMER!! If you’re actually using those old blog posts to try and help you grow, just know algorithms have changed dramatically since I shared that stuff. Pinterest isn’t the same, Google, of course, is always updating… and Twitter?! Why did I think I could ever share any information on Twitter?!

So beware when applying some of those practices. I truly don’t have the time to research and then update all of 200+ blog posts. And I think it’s sometimes better to let things just be what they are.

Those blog posts showcase an era of my life and business. If I alter it now, you wouldn’t get a real picture of my journey and how I got here today.

So what’s gonna be different going forward, you ask?!

Well… I’m not just going to be talking about business and social media! That’s for sure!

I want to share more of what interests me these days. That could be blog posts about the random thoughts in my head. Little life updates sharing far too much information that no one cares about but me. Analytics reports, income reports, and more business strategy information that’s relevant to the influencer world today. Personal development, house transformations, and so much more.

Really I don’t have an exact strategy or plan on when I’m going to post new content or what the mix of content is going to be.

But my main goal is when you find yourself bored enough to visit this blog, you will feel like it’s a perfect extension of me.

It really feels like all things Cathrin Manning.

So with that, I’m going to stop talking cause the girls are playing at my feet and keep bumping into my computer.

Thank you so much for hanging on over the last 3 years waiting for this website to relaunch! Or if you’re new here, thanks for wasting your time reading this nonsense. I appreciate you more than you know!

Now go explore the new site!!!

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    20 responses to “Welcome Back To The Blog!!”

    1. Catherin, I have been looking forward to finding your new website, & periodically searching and scanning the internet for the new baby…😵‍💫
      Here it is and the site is so fabulously you; this is what I most enjoy about you on YouTube and as you say this is a blog extension of you and I really love it. You are a very inspirational woman 👍
      Good luck and I am looking forward to more of the same (but different)

    2. I’m so happy you finally launched the blog and I can’t wait for more content. you are an amazing creator you have inspired me to get back into making youtube videos

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