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11/02/18 post featured image

Instagram Photo Ideas When You Don’t Want To Show Your Face

If you look at my Instagram account today, you never would have known that I used to be afraid to share pictures of myself.

Oh yeah.

For the first several months, I refused to show my face. But not for the reason you may think.

I actually didn’t want anyone to know what I was doing. I didn’t want anyone I knew to find my Instagram account.

Honestly, I was a bit embarrassed by what I was doing. I didn’t think that people would believe in me. And I thought people would just make fun of me.

So I kept it a secret for MONTHS!

But after I finally started to tell my family and friends, I knew that I had to show my face. Because my brand is all about me. And without a face to put to the name, I was missing a huge piece of connection with my audience.

So now here I am… plastering my life online for the world to see!

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And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But if you’re someone who doesn’t want to show their face on Instagram, then this blog post is for you!

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When you don’t take photos of yourself, it can be hard to get creative and share photos of something new.

So today, I figured I would bring you behind the scenes on a recent photoshoot.

One of my amazing readers actually requested this blog post. So I challenged myself to take all Instagram photos that didn’t include my face.

Here’s what happened:

Now just because you don’t want to include your face doesn’t mean that you can’t include other personal touches of you.

That could be your environment or your belongings. Or it could mean including other body parts that aren’t your face.

Like your legs on a beach, your hands around a coffee cup, or the back of your head doing what you do best.

This will help to let people know that there is a real human behind the account and not just a robot. Ya feel me?!

Each niche is going to be different.

But whatever your main topic is, I’m sure that there are several things that you can take pictures of that don’t have to include your face.


Here’s the thing.

You may be deathly afraid to show your face online.

Maybe you’re like me and you don’t want your blog to be connected with your personal or professional life. Or maybe you just hate your nose.

Whatever your reasoning is, I’m sure it’s big enough to keep you stuck sharing the same kind of Instagram photos over and over again.

But if your blog or Instagram account revolves around you, at some point, you have to be willing to show your face. Because if you don’t, you miss the chance of real growth.

People will most likely find you because of your content. But they will fall in love with you and stick around because of the person that you are. So don’t be afraid to have some professional pictures taken and share them every now and then on Instagram.

You might be surprised by the engagement and growth you receive.

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