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What I Did To Make More Money With My Blogging Business

Now before we really dive into it, I have to say…

This blog post doesn’t really make much sense if you didn’t read what I wrote about my struggle with making money blogging.

Because here’s the cold hard truth: not every blogger makes thousands of dollars every month.

You know those income reports you see on Pinterest?

The ones that scream LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!

I made THISSSSS much money from my blog in just 1 month. And you can do it too!

You know the ones I’m talking about, right?

They are pretty impossible to ignore.

Well I’m not one of those bloggers.

I’m not someone who is bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. 

Heck, I’m not making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

But I am making enough money now to sustain a full-time income. Which allows me to work for myself full-time. 

And that’s a pretty cool thing.

But it wasn’t always that way.

And if you want to learn more about my real life struggle with making money, check out this blog post.

Because I’m ready to get started with this one already.

make more money with my blog


A year ago, I had a lot of money blocks. But I didn’t know it.

I thought that if I created paid products and made more income streams then I would start to make more money with my blog.

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And I’m not going to lie… they did make me money!

Launching 4 paid products last year opened the door to more money making opportunities.

But after I had gone through the initial launch of each product, I realized that the money from those products wasn’t ever going to be consistent.

And they weren’t.

After months of putting sales funnels in place, working on my email automation, and revamping my sales pages… sales were still slow.

And that’s when it hit me that my income streams weren’t the problem.

I was the problem.

My limiting beliefs were the problem.

So I made some little but important changes.

If you want to learn more about how I broke through those money blocks, you’ll definitely want to watch that YouTube video.

But I want to move onto the actual changes I made within my business that helped me to make more money with my blog.

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Now before we get into the things that I did, I want to explain that this might not work for you!

Everyone is different.

Every blog is different.

And something that worked for me may have little to no impact on your money making situation.

But these were the things that I did to start generating more income from my blogging biz.

1. I expanded my services & looked for more money making opportunities

When I first started freelancing and taking on clients, I didn’t want to do much management.

I really wanted to do more consulting work. Or once and done work.

I didn’t want to take on any monthly management clients.

So I would do 1-hour consultations on Pinterest and SEO. Even some general blog consultations.

And then I would do take on some Pinterest work. Like account set-ups or clean-ups or SEO work.

But whenever someone asked me if I could manage their Pinterest account full-time, I told them that wasn’t something that I offered.

That was until October of 2018 when I finally decided to start taking on more client work.

Since then, I’ve had 4 Pinterest monthly management clients that have been with me for over 5 months now.

I also offer monthly blog coaching services as well!

2. I responded to people when they reached out for help

Uh. Yeah.

This should be a ‘duh’ moment, right?

Well, I’m the worst at emails. And I’ll be the first to admit it.

I’m terrible at responding to emails.

But I am making an effort to change that.

Last year, whenever someone would reach out to me asking if I offered a specific service or if I could help them in some way, I often ignored the email.

The ones that I was interested in, I would respond!

But if I wasn’t interested, I would ignore the email altogether.

Talk about poor PR for my blog!

And to think about what message I was sending to the Universe.

Like thanks for sending me these opportunities but I don’t want them. I want something better.


So I started to actually respond.

And if someone reached out to me with work that maybe wasn’t in my services but sounded interesting, I would take it on!

And if it was something that I was uninterested in, I would respond saying just that.

download your paid product calendar

3. I added my services to relevant blog posts

If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you know that I’m a firm believer in having a ‘Work With Me’ or services page.

And I myself have had one on my blog for a long time.

Check it out!

But what I did to land more clients was add a little snippet about the services I offered to some blog posts.

So a blog post that talks about Pinterest, I would add a sentence or 2 of text that would let the reader know that I was there to help!

This ended up actually leading to a few one-time clients for Pinterest work.

4. I increased my prices

Uh huh.

In the beginning, it can be so tempting to keep your prices low to entice people to buy.

Heck, I first launched The Blog Biz Bundle for only $35! 

Now it’s priced for $97.

But here’s the thing, by raising my prices I noticed that more people signed up for things.

Paid products and services included.

And I’m not sure what it was.

But it was like the higher my prices were, fewer people questioned them. They just trusted that I would put out good work for the money.

And of course, I did.

So when I initially started taking on Pinterest monthly management clients, I charged $250. Now my rates start at $350 a month.

And my consultations…

Gosh those started at $40 an hour! Now I charge $120 an hour.

It may sound backward.

But increasing my prices ended up making me more clients and sales. And of course, more money. 

5. I held sales for my paid products

This is going to sound ridiculous immediately following that.

But I ended up holding sales for my paid products.

Who doesn’t love to buy things when they think they are getting a deal?!

I’m the type of girl who has to shop the clearance rack before anything else because I think I’m getting the best deal.

Well, the same goes for your paid products.

People are more willing to buy them when you say that they are saving some money.

So I try to make an effort to hold a sale for at least one of my paid products every quarter.

It’s like a mini launch that can make you good money in just a couple of days!

6. I manifested money like crazy

I talked about this in the YouTube video above.

But it’s important to mention again.

Breaking through my money blocking beliefs and actively working to manifest money was HUGE.

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Every morning I would envision what my life would look like when I had the money I desired.

I set an amount that I wanted to make. What I was going to use that money for.

And I manifested hard.


It took a little bit of time to put all these systems in place. 

And if you know anything about rewriting your limiting beliefs, it doesn’t happen overnight.

But when I finally got serious about my money situation, I ended up making almost $3,000 in 1 week.

I landed two 3-month contracts with clients who paid upfront for my work within 2 days.

Before that, it took me a couple of months to make $3,000.

And I did it in 1 week.

So yeah.

Believe me or not. 

But this is what honestly worked for me.

And now, my business is making more money than ever before.

I work with clients that I honestly love.

And ALL of them pay me upfront for my work and never question what I charge.

It’s a great feeling.


One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to go where the money is.

Not where you want the money to be.

For me, I really didn’t want to take on management clients.

In complete honesty, I didn’t even want to take on clients at first!

I just wanted to make money with my paid products, affiliate sales, and ads.

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But that’s not the way it works.

If you want to make money, you have to go where the money is not where you want it to be.

Sure, I do make money with my affiliate sales.

Heck, just last month I made $400 in affiliate income.

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But I attribute that to my money manifestation yet again.

what I did to make more money


If you’re ready to take your blog to the next level.

To work smarter, not harder.

Start making more money, grow your audience, and create a truly successful business.

I’m here to help!

The Blog Hustler is designed to help you create a plan to grow your blog.

The Blog Biz Bundle will help you find more clarity and ease to actually transform your blog into a real business.

And The TCB Vault is your resource of EVERYTHING you could ever need to know about creating a successful blog.

And of course, I offer monthly blog coaching if you’re looking for more of a one of one experience.

See what I did there?

Now go out there and start making more money with your blogging biz.

I’ll see ya back here soon!

XO, Cath
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