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3 Things I Did To Manifest The Growth Of My Brand

I can only speak from my own experiences and my own beliefs.

Everyone has the right to an opinion.

And if you don’t believe in manifestation or law of attraction, then this blog post might not be for you.

I’m not going to share my typical tips and tricks.

I’m not really going to talk strategically about the things I did that led to my growth.

Do I believe that there were some changes in my strategy that made this major growth happen?

Of course!

But I really think that it was because of manifestation that it came at the time that it did.

So today, I’m going to share the 3 things I did to manifest the growth of my brand.

And strange enough (or maybe it’s not strange at all), I did these 3 things within the 2 weeks leading up to the blow-up of my brand.

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Let’s get into it.

3 Things I Did To Manifest


If you’re new here, then you may not know what’s been happening over the last couple of months.

Honestly, just the last couple of weeks!

At the end of October, I noticed that my channel was starting to get a lot more views.

I went from seeing around 700 views a day to 4,000 views a day in just a week’s time.

Next thing I know, it’s 2 months later and I went from 2,000 subscribers to now over 53,000 subscribers!

And now my channel is generating over 16,000 new subscribers and over 500,000 views a month.

It’s insane.

And I truly don’t think I’ve wrapped my head around it yet.

It all happened so fast.

But it came at just the right time.


Now, I think it’s important to note that I’ve been working on my brand for YEARS!

I started my blog back in October of 2016 and I launched my channel in October of 2017.

So it had been 2 hard years of work on YouTube and 3 hard years of work on just my brand in general before I saw these crazy results.

And over that time, I tried everything!

I worked harder, worked longer, switched up my strategies, attended webinars, paid for online courses, you name it!

I was desperate to learn and desperate to see real growth.

And during those years, I believed in manifestation.

Heck, I even spent a month where I only worked 4 hour days so I could spend more time on manifestation, the law of attraction, and just myself.

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Because I truly believe that even if you have all the right strategies, your limiting beliefs can still hold you back!

So it’s not like this was the first time I tried manifestation.

I’ve done it several times before and I try to incorporate it into my daily routine and lifestyle to this day.

But I specifically remember setting 3 things in place that lead to the growth that I’ve seen in the past couple of months.


Honestly, I don’t remember the exact order that I did these in. 

But I know that they were all within a week of each other.

So we’ll start with my calculations and goal setting first.

1. Calculated What I Needed To Get Where I Wanted To Go

One of my goals for 2019 was to be able to stop working with clients.

For the past 2 years, I’ve taken on several clients as a way to make ends meet.

I’ve been working for myself full-time since I started my YouTube channel, but it wasn’t because I was making money with ads or sponsorships!

It was because I was taking on clients.

And honestly, I didn’t love it!

But I had to do it to pay the bills.

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So my goal for the end of 2019 was to be able to stop working with clients and have enough money coming in with my other income streams.

Meaning ads, affiliate marketing, paid products, etc.

Well it was October, and I was getting closer to my goal but it still seemed out of reach.

At the rate that my income was growing with those passive income streams, I wouldn’t be able to stop working with clients until the middle of 2020.

So I sat down and calculated how much money I had to make from YouTube ads alone to be able to make that happen.

A little ambitious, right?

I thought that if I made enough money with my ads revenue, then all the other money I made would be a buffer in case my ads fluctuate.

Which of course they will!

With my calculations from what I was making at the point to what I wanted to make, I estimated that I needed to reach 10,000 views a day on my YouTube channel.

So I wrote 10,000 on my whiteboard in my office.

I woke up every day and told myself “10,000. 10,000.”

And within a matter of days, my channel hit 10,000 views in 1 day.

Little did I know that was just the beginning of my growth.

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2. Revamped My Vision Board

Call me crazy, but I decided to create my “2020” vision board in October.

Now I put 2020 in quotes because every other year I’ve created a vision board at the start of a new year.

So my plan was to revamp my 2019 vision board for 2020 at the end of the year.

But it was October and I realized that I had achieved just about everything that I had put on that board!

And really, if you want to achieve something, you shouldn’t wait until a new year, a new month or a new week to get started. 

You should do it NOW!

So I decided to revamp my vision board at that moment.

And actually I filmed an IGTV while I did it, so I’ll link that here.

When I started to see my brand explode, I knew a big reason for it was because of my vision board.

I knew right away!

And I watched that IGTV back and in there I say that one of my goals for the future is to grow my YouTube channel.

And I specifically mention how I set a goal for 2019 to hit 10,000 subscribers and with the growth of my brand at that moment, it didn’t look possible.

But I still said that I would achieve it.

Fast forward to now… I ended the year with 40,000 subscribers.

The point of a vision board 

I’m a big believer in vision boards.

They really help you to visualize your future and what you want to bring into your life.

And I really think my 2019 vision board worked wonders for me.

So when I was finding this new round of pictures for 2020 I really wanted to focus some big dreams!

I included photos that reminded me of a life I wanted to live.

Of a better future for myself!

And of course, several of those pictures were things that represented the growth of my brand.

I included a couple of quotes that had to do with being debt-free and financially free. 

Meaning I didn’t have to stress about money anymore.

There were pictures of traveling, planes, and even nicer cars.

And then, of course, pictures to represent YouTube.

Including the 100k subscriber play button that you get when you hit 100k YouTube subscribers.

I look at this board every day.

And just envisioning your future, my goodness, that has a huge impact on what you bring into your life!

2019 vision board

3. I Decided To Go To RISE!

This is where you can really call me crazy.

Because I know that I’m a rare breed.

If you didn’t know, I’m getting married in May!

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Now my amazing sister is my Maid of Honor and of course, wanted to know what I wanted to do for a bachelorette party.

But I’m not a big party person.

I don’t like getting drunk, blacking out, and then wasting 2 days feeling terrible.

That just isn’t for me!

So she knew I didn’t want to have a big party weekend.

So we were throwing some ideas back and forth. One of which was going to be a weekend in LA.

I’ve been wanting to travel to Cali for a long time and she wanted to make that dream happen for me.

I’m telling you, she’s a great freakin big sister.

But in reality, that trip was going to be expensive.

I wasn’t making enough money at the time to afford a plane ticket for myself. 

And then when you think about all the other expenses, I knew it wasn’t a practical option especially when I’m trying to pay off my debt!

Not add to it.

So by chance, I thought of Rachel Hollis’s Rise Conference.

I honestly have no idea why this idea popped into my head.

But I’m dang glad that it did!

Made For More on Amazon

At that moment I remembered that a girlfriend of mine told me that Rachel Hollis did a documentary or something on Amazon Prime.

So I decided to stop work right there (yes, in the middle of a workday) and watch Made For More on Amazon.

As I’m watching, I decided to see if there was a Rise conference during February or March that we could go to for my bachelorette.

And what do you know…

There was one being held in Toronto at the beginning of March.

Now Toronto is only a 3-hour drive for me and less than a 2-hour flight for my sister.

So I looked into tickets, pitched the idea to my sister, and within a couple of days we got our tickets to go!

But this isn’t where the story ends.

Because you may be thinking this has nothing to do with manifestation.

You’re just showing how crazy you are that for your bachelorette weekend you decided to go to a personal development conference lol.


I’m that girl! And it’s seriously the bachelorette weekend of my dreams haha.

But I watched Made For More I started crying.

See, I’m the type of person who genuinely loves seeing people succeed!

I love seeing people in their element, doing what they love, and the true happiness that comes from living their purpose.

And as I watched Rachel Hollis on that stage and explaining the whole process of making Rise happen, I felt her happiness. I felt her purpose.

And I broke down crying.

In that moment, I realized where I was headed.

I always envisioned myself standing on stage, talking to thousands of people, and making a HUGE impact on people’s lives.

But as I saw her do it on my TV, I realized the future that was ahead of me.

And I could clearly picture where my brand was headed and where I was going.

3 Things I Did To Manifest The Growth Of My Brand


I truly believe that in order for manifestation to work, you need to be darn clear about where you want to go and more importantly, why.

I’ve tried various different manifestation tactics before.

Some have worked, others haven’t.

But being ridiculously clear about my vision, picturing myself in the future, living out my wildest dreams, and realizing why I want those things… that’s what’s helped me the most.

You know, I’ve always been afraid to say that I want to reach millions and that I want to make good money for myself and be able to provide for my loved ones.

I’ve been afraid because I don’t want people to think that I just want fame or the wealthy lifestyle!

It’s not that at all!

I truly just want to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

I want to make a real difference in this world.

And the more subscribers I get on YouTube, the more views I have on a video, and really the more money I make, I get more of an opportunity make that impact.

My message to you

I’ve shared this several times, but I started my brand because I was in a dark place.

I was taught to believe that my dreams were too big and that I couldn’t make money doing something that I love.

But as I sit here today, writing this blog post, I’m living proof that you can turn your dreams into reality.

You can make GOOD money doing what you love.

You don’t have to be miserable at your job. You don’t have to end every weekend wishing Monday wouldn’t come.

This life… it’s what you make it.

If you’re miserable, you have a choice.

You can keep being miserable and complain until the end of time.

OR you could make a change. You could choose to be happy and create a better life for yourself.

No one is going to do it for you.

So go out there and conquer the world.

XO, Cathrin
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    1. Hi Cath,
      i adore your writing style, but one thing i believe is your appearance is more attarctive to get you all those views over youtube…. You must try Hollywood once, maybe your fate is writen somewhere in publicity… Cheers!!!!

    2. Hi Cath, this is truly inspiring especially for a beginner blogger like myself. I have been following your tips and tricks on the blogging trade and I’m truly grateful for your advice and wish you growth and success.

    3. Hi., thank you for this! I also started my blog and I want to grow. My biggest take away from your post id manifestation. It’s so powerful.

    4. Seems like October is the unofficial beginning of the year for you and your brand anyway – looking at your bio it tends to be a month of beginnings/milestones for you and your brand. Would not be surprised if you reach 200K youtube subscribers by October. I hope so, your success is inspiring and well deserved. Keep it up.

    5. I’m not a manifestation person and I feel like I could still enjoy and relate to this blog due to your personality and sharing your own experiences with us. Thank you for continuing to share your perspective and being so transparent. That’s a major reason for why you’re also growing, thank you, thank you! I love coming to your blogs and YoutTube Channel.

    6. It’s been truly amazing to witness your growth first hand. I remember stumbling on your channel when you had just 2k subscribers and I loved your enegry and passion that you put in your videos. I also used your tips to help steadily grow our YouTube channel. Just to see you blow up to where you are now is remarkable. Your persistence, hardwork and sacrifice is beyond admirable. Keep doing you!

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