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Why I Changed My Paid Product Strategy

When I started my brand, I really wanted to be a successful blogger.

And just like anyone starting out, I would look at what more successful people were doing.

How many blog posts did they launch a week?

Were there ads on their site? If so, how many?

What paid products did they offer?

I signed up for email lists, attended webinars, and just tried to learn everything I could about what made them successful.

So when it was time to launch my first paid product, I knew that I was going to launch a course.

That’s what everyone did!

If you take a look at a couple of successful bloggers, you’ll realize almost all of them have a couple of courses and maybe an ebook or 2.

But the courses were always 2 cheaper ones, around $197 or less. And then they had 1 main course that was sold for $497.

Almost always that was the pricing structure!

So that’s what I thought I had to do for my blog.

And I did it.

I had my course, The Blog Biz Bundle, available for $97.

My ebook, The Blog Hustler, on sale for $21.

And then my main course, The TCB Vault for $449.

So 2 smaller, more affordable items, and then 1 main course that’s a bit pricer.

Great, right?

Well, a couple of months ago I realized that this traditional paid product strategy wasn’t for me.

I felt like I had so much to offer my audience and those 3 products weren’t cutting it.

And honestly, I don’t really love creating courses. 

But I loved creating my ebook and I wanted to sell presets, workbooks, and even a planner.

That wasn’t what most successful bloggers were doing but that didn’t mean I couldn’t do it!

So today, I want to share how I completely revamped my paid products strategy and how it’s dramatically changed the amount of money I make with my products.

Let’s get into it!

I Changed My Paid Product Strategy


Here’s the deal.

Over the past year, my brand has really transformed.

It started out as a blog and now it’s this whole other thing!

I’m a YouTuber, blogger, and just a digital content creator.

And having just online courses didn’t make sense to me anymore.

I felt like there was so much more that I could offer my audience but I wasn’t just because I thought I had to be like other successful bloggers.

So here’s what happened.

I had a realization that I wanted to shut down The TCB Vault.


I had spent MONTHS working on the launch of The Vault, creating resources, building out videos, and just creating the platform.

But then I wanted to shut it down.

And when my gut tells me to do something, I know I have to listen to it.

So I did.

And just closing The Vault made me realize the opportunities I had within my paid products.

I shouldn’t just keep creating courses because I thoughts I “had” to. 

I should be creating things that I know my audience will love.

The things my audience is asking for.

And things that I feel like are missing! Things I wish I had.

So that’s when things started to really change.


The first thing I did was obviously remove The Vault from my product site.

But then I came out with my Lightroom Presets.

This was really the pivotal point for me. 

The main reason why I came out with my presets is because you guys were asking for them on Instagram!

I received several DM’s from people saying they wanted to buy them.

So… I launched 2 preset packs!

This was my step away from just creating courses and educational products.

And it forced me to really think about what I wanted to offer my audience.

Did I want to create another course?

Not really!

Did I want to write another ebook?

Ehhh… I’m into it!

What about offering a paid webinar?

Now that’s not a bad idea!

So I took my presentation that I did live at Upstate Social Sessions, a social media marketing conference, and I turned it into an online workshop!

That was the 2nd product I launched within a couple of months.

Then… I decided to launch The Blow It Up Blueprint.

The Blow It Up Blueprint

I really think this changed everything for me.

It was by far my most successful product launch and every week I have people tagging me on Instagram as they share the blueprint.

It’s amazing!

And totally melts my heart that I’ve been able to help so many people with just this one product.

But this blueprint is actually something I wanted to create for a while.

I launched my ebook, The Blog Hustler, in 2018.

And in that book, you’ll find worksheets and a step-by-step guide to evaluating your blog, understanding your mission, and creating a plan for growth.

But that book is meant for bloggers.

It wouldn’t make any sense to get that ebook if you have a YouTube channel or any other brand.

So I wanted to find a way to create new worksheets and make them work for everyone!

No matter what it’s about!

I really think something that’s missing with a lot of courses or products that other creators sell is that they don’t help you to set goals. 

They are so information focused that you miss the opportunity to really understand what’s working and what isn’t!

So I wanted to create something that helped to walk you through the steps that other products couldn’t.

And The Blueprint was born!

blow it up blueprint opt-in


Like I already said, the launch of The Blow It Up Blueprint was my most successful launch yet.

And even just this past week I made the most I ever have in one week because of my Cyber Monday sale!

Do I think part of this was because of the growth within my platform recently?

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Yeah. Of course!

But most importantly, I think it’s because I created products that my audience honestly wanted to buy!

Before The Blow It Up Blueprint, I didn’t have a product for YouTubers.

And now most of the people in my audience have YouTube channels.

But I also have bloggers, Instagrammers, and even online business owners. 

So I wanted to make sure that I had products for each of them.

Products for everyone!


Honestly, I was a little nervous to make this change.

And the main reason is that my goal was to roll out several products in a couple of months.

I mean I launched The Power Of Pins Workshop and The Blow It Up Blueprint within weeks of each other.

And I’m planning on launching something else in less than 2 weeks.

Which I was really worried to do at first because I don’t want you guys to think I’m greedy or that I’m going crazy with my paid products.

But honestly, I want my TCBcourses site (which I’ll probably change the name to eventually) to be a complete shop!

I want you guys to feel like you can get everything you need or everything you want from me in 1 spot! 

Want to learn more information about how to grow your blog? I’ve got you!

Want to create better Instagram photos? I’ve got you!

Or what about getting some TCB merch?! Ehhh… maybe in the future. 

I just want my shop site to be a complete shop for all things TCB with something for everyone!

I don’t want it to be a course site like I originally thought.

And by the end of 2020, I’m hoping to have 15+ paid products.

Which I’m sure sounds like a lot but I already have a few ideas and I’ve been listening to your recommendations on what you want.

So expect big things next year!

Why I Changed My Paid Product Strategy


Honestly, I want to know your thoughts on this…

Do you think I’m crazy for wanting to build out my shop site this way?

Or have you been enjoying the variety of items I have available?!

I feel like you already know how I feel.

But this change has provided me with flexibility and the freedom to get creative with my paid products.

And I absolutely love that!

Anyway… enough with the paid product talk.

I’ll see you guys back here soon with another blog post.

Bye guys!
blow it up blueprint opt-in


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Cathrin (Cath) creates content that encourages bloggers & online entrepreneurs to be themselves, chase their passion, and create their success online. 1 year after started her blog (, Cath left her full-time position working in the digital marketing industry to pursue her dreams of being her own boss. In weekly blog posts, sporadic YouTube videos, and constant talking on Instagram stories, Cath hopes to spread her story and be an inspiration to others who desperately want to change their lives.

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    6 responses to “Why I Changed My Paid Product Strategy”

    1. always smile while reading your posts)…heheh i love them!
      you are cool! with you help i start working at home and i have good income for now

    2. Hey Cath. I think I’m a little confused. When I went to WordPress, Blue Host was recommended as a good host for my blog. But when I went to GoDaddy, it was less expensive. My question is, is it possible for me to have GoDaddy as my host, and still develop my blog with WordPress? I watched a video of yours about what you would do differently if you were starting your blog now.
      I’m still in my RESEARCH and information-seeking zone. And in the meantime, I’ll be getting new pics and enhancing my presence on Instagram, FB, and Pinterest.
      Please let me know if I can have my blog without a website? And how do I use GoDaddy with Word

      Thanks for your help!


      • Hey Gwendolyn,

        WordPress is a tool… think of it as a blueprint for a house, where you build that house (hosting company) can be in lots of different locations. There is no right or wrong, just what is best for you. Companies like Go Daddy and Bluehost are big players and so will have much more support then other smaller companies, but then you also just battle that your a number in the machine. You can launch your WordPress website via their .com platform (whereby WordPress themselves host your site). Their .com websites can be masked with a domain name so know one knows its free hosting. AND, if you are not sure your path just yet, WordPress themselves will help you move to self-hosting when the time it right. The only REAL thing to consider, is that WordPress… will let a website developer, customise your site, and you never know what you might want to do in the future. PLUS you will always be able to move it from one hosting company to another (not sayings it’s easy, just possible).
        If you do end up going down the path of using a website company type wizard platform like Wix, just remember its their own product and you can only use the tools they provide. So if you want to move your website 18 months down the line, or you want to customise it, you wont be able to. You will need to abandon everything and start again.
        My business is launching March 2020. So feel free to pop-back and connect with me then if you want more help.
        Best of luck.

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